About Us

Mudy is a designer label that celebrates both the delicate and the bold facets of womanhood.
Our silhouettes are a rare combination of timeless feminine styles & daring, modern patterns.
Ethically sourced and thoughtfully designed using high-quality, premium material.
Every Mudy piece is a creation of love and hours of obsessing over every little detail.
A brand that does not follow trends — instead, it is guided by a relentless desire to differentiate and express authentic self. Our aesthetic is minimal yet whimsical.

Divya Kehar is an up and coming fashion designer emerging from the niche indie fashion scene in India. With a BSc in Fashion Tech tucked under her belt, she gained her apprenticeship working under established designer labels in Delhi, followed by extensive experience designing for global brands such as Zara, MellowDrama and Monsoon.
Disillusioned with fast fashion, she launched Mudy in 2022 with a vision to blend luxury with comfort and affordable prices.


Utility Bags

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